MS KB-01 žičana tastatura



KB-01, žična, PS/2, Boja Crna


MS KB-1 - osnovna tipkovnica s PS/2 priključkom.

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Tastatura gaming ESPERANZA ROOK, USB, red, US layout, EGK101R

Tastatura gaming ESPERANZA ROOK, USB, red, US layout, EGK101R

Very comfortable , pleasant in touch, wired USB keyboard for gamers. Attractive design and elegant appearance makes it easy to match to other computer gaming accessories. Ergonomic shape and very good keys elasticity prevent wrists tired while typing and playing games. Letters and symbols are printed with the newest UV scratch resistant technology. High quality anti-electrostatic materials used during production defends electromagnetism interference. The keyboard is compatible with notebook and desktop computers. TECHNICAL DATA Cable length: 1.5m Product size: 462x162x22,5 [mm] Working voltage: 5,0+/-0,25V Working current: less than 10mA ENVIROMENT AND TEMPERATURE Working temperature: 0oC-40oC Working humidity: 20%~90% SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Support: Windows XP/VISTA/Windows 7/Windows 8/ Windows 10 Support all language versions, compatible USB 2.0